Study for the Ministry of Education

The Conseil d’Etat chamber

Decorative Works

Completed in 1876, this decor was designed by Delaunay for the Palais Royal, home to the Conseil d'Etat since 1871, after the destruction of the Palais d'Orsay during the Commune.

The work was to comprise allegories of the twelve Conseil d'Etat administrative departments. Delaunay opted for trapezoidal panels with figures in blue monochrome on a gold mosaic ground.

The allegories were not all easy subjects: the Navy, Religious Worship, National Finance, Public Works, Trade, War, Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Education, the Fine Arts and Justice..

Study for the Ministry of Education
Charcoal and gouache on tracing paper
30,8 x 44 cm
Delaunay Estate Bequest, 1892
Inv. 1399