Sketch for the Assumption

Chapel of the Virgin, church of the Holy Trinity, Paris

Religious paintings

In 1864 Elie Delaunay and Emile Levy were commissioned to decorate the Chapel of the Virgin in the new church of the Holy Trinity in Paris, designed by Théodore Ballu. Aligned with the centre of the church, the chapel highlights the work of the two artists.

Delaunay's contribution, as shown in this big preliminary cartoon, owes much to The Transfiguration by Raphael (1518, Rome, Vatican Museum), especially in terms of the composition and the poses.

The Virgin is seen rising skywards from her tomb, which is surrounded by the faithful. Simplicity of composition, elegance of form and subtlety of colour combine in the restraint of an artist not long back from Italy.

Sketch for the Assumption
Graphite, pastel, red chalk, ink and white chalk on paper
135 x 58,8 cm
Purchased 1986
Inv. 8850