Communion of the Apostles

La Communion des Apôtres, 1861

Religious paintings

Painted in Rome in 1861, this picture shows Christ offering the blessed bread to St Peter and St John, as in the Gospel According to St Matthew, chapter 26. The softness of the colours makes us think of Raphael.

Works as large as this are rare in the Delaunay oeuvre; painted for the Bishop of Nantes, this one was considered too dark for the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, and the artist had to paint a second version, now to be found in a chapel in the apse of the cathedral.

Communion of the Apostles
Communion of the Apostles
Oil on canvas
284 x 204 cm
S.D.B.L: Elie Delaunay, Rome 1861
Permanent state loan, 1926
Inv. 2289